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RAPS History

RAPS - the Residents' Association of Port Solent - is the successor to HAPS, the House Owners Association of Port Solent, which was founded in 1988 after the first home purchasers arrived. 


HAPS negotiated with the builders to improve roof construction after the stormy winds of the late 80s and later, after prolonged investigation, reached with them a satisfactory basis for calculating The Port Solent Charge. It lobbied successfully for the footpath to be laid down along the full length of Port Way, where none had been provided on the original development. At the same time it established a social programme to include occasional outdoor and indoor events and visits. 


As the marina community stabilized, neighbourly relations were established with Oyster Quay and later The Anchorage and the name was changed to RAPS.

The Association came to maturity in 2005 during the formulation of the City of Portsmouth Development Plan. RAPS was entrusted with researching and presenting the full spectrum of local issues, all costs being covered, at our request, by the three residential property companies. At a prolonged Public Enquiry we successfully persuaded the Government Planning Inspector of the merits of our submissions in preference to those of the professional Planners. 


More recently RAPS has given substantial support to POSOL, the house owners' property company, which financed a survey to establish the extent and impact of road noise from the motorway.


RAPS is dedicated to taking appropriate action to preserve, or enhance, our quality of life whenever development proposals are identified, and to oppose actions or events perceived to be detrimental.

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