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RAPS Issues & Risk Register

Life is not always quiet and easy-going in Port Solent. At any given time there will be issues to address and RAPS can help by raising awareness or advocating certain measures with agencies that have the means to bring about changes, for instance, our local councillors or Premier Marinas.

Issues are associated with risk, i.e. there is a risk that if people exceed the speed limit along Port Way, somebody could get hurt. The RAPS Committee therefore drew up a register in September 2020 with a view to ensuring that over time action would be taken, either by its own auspices or in collaboration. The register below will be reviewed regularly and updated. RAPS members are encouraged to tell the Committee about any risks that could be added and feel free to comment about any that are not being dealt with adequately.  

The Register was reviewed at the RAPS Committee Meeting on 23rd November 2022 and 15 risks were reduced to 9.

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