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Security & Crime Prevention

The latest bulletin (January 2024) published by the Hampshire & IoW Constabulary Crime Prevention Team includes advice on pet fraud, online scams, number plate theft, fake TV licensing emails and local policing,

To report a crime or suspicious behaviour, call Hampshire Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.
To report anti-social behaviour, such motorcyclists on the green field,  contact PCC's Community Warden Team via the Safe  Clean Tidy shared inbox which is monitored daily

Safer homes

Hampshire Constabulary maintains a very useful page, Safer Homes, devoted to crime prevention at home, including distraction burglary, i.e. bogus calls, fake couriers, rogue traders, etc.

Concern for neighbours and other residents

If you know of, or someone else has concerns, over anyone who is vulnerable due to age, disability or domestic violence then they could be eligible for a free crime prevention home survey from the Blue Lamp Trust via

Hampshire Alert


The Neighbourhood Policing Team has encouraged residents to register with Hampsire Alert in order to receive information, crime alerts and witness appeals local to Port Solent. Just visit and click the REGISTER button to sign up.

Car Crime 2019


In view of the increase in car crime in our area during January 2018, it is recommended that you remind yourself of these measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim yourself, such as: -


  • When you leave your vehicle make sure the doors of your vehicle are locked and the windows and sunroof are shut, no matter how hot the weather is.

  • If possible, park your vehicle in a busy area. If you have a garage, use it.

  • Do not leave anything in your vehicle, including the boot. A jacket or coat left behind may be of very little value to you, but a thief may think it has been used to hide a laptop or handbag and will break into your vehicle to find out.

  • If you have a removable music system, take it with you.

  • Make sure you do not leave documents which have your name on in your vehicle. 

  • Do not leave your sat-nav in your vehicle and don’t forget to remove the cradle and wipe the suction marks from your windscreen.

Police are also reminding van owners to protect their work tools -

If you have a works van, please follow these crime prevention tips to keep the contents of your van safe:

• Park your vehicle in a secure area (in a garage or behind locked gates, if possible).

• If you do not have a secure parking place, park in a well-lit street in easy view of your own or neighbours houses.

• Vans have been broken into while people were inside trade establishments - park your vehicles close to the entrance or leave someone with it.

• Ensure all windows and doors are properly secured when left unattended.

• Where possible, remove valuable items from the vehicle overnight and store them in a secure place.

• Do not leave tools or equipment on view inside the vehicle.

• Consider fitting an appropriate alarm system, protecting the cabin and load areas.

• Apply a security marking product to power tools and equipment (further details of the various methods are available on request).

• Alternatively, etch or emboss identifiable marks to these items.

• Consider installing secure storage containers or lockers in the van to store the tools in.

• Ensure that the van doors are securely lockable and consider having suitable deadlocks installed.


If you see anyone acting suspiciously around vehicles or you have any information about those responsible for these incidents please call 101 or alternatively you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 anonymously

Theft of Marine Items

Criminal activity in Port Solent is mostly confined to theft of property from garages and the occasional break-in at houses and apartments. It is much less likely, statistically, for a boat to be stolen while berthed in the marina though Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are often targetted when out of the water and already loaded onto a trailer. More common, according to the Hampshire Constabulary Marine Unit, is theft of items, fuel and electrical equipment from boats.


In connection with their participation in the nationwide marine crime prevention strategy, Project Kraken, Hampshire Constabulary have issued a number of leaflets and notices that can be obtained by contacting them at Here is a summary of precautions they recommend:

  • Remove all valuables from the vessel

  • Leave nothing on display: even waterproof clothing can tempt a thief

  • Post a notice prominently in a window: NO valuables have been left on this vessel

  • Close windows and doors and make sure your vessel is securely locked

  • Take note of serial numbers

  • Take small outboard engines home

  • Fit a locking fuel cap

  • Ensure that the harbour master or club have your current contact details

  • Report any suspicious behaviour around vessels to the police immediately by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency.



Further information and Neighbourhood Watch contacts can be found in the Members Only section of this website.

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